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The American Renaissance in Buenos Aires

Updated: Mar 7

NOTES FOR A DOCUMENTARY | Working with public art in New York City over the past year has served as a reminder of the familiar urban landscape that defined my upbringing in Buenos Aires with similar circumstances have given rise to meaningful dialogues between memorials, monuments, fountains, statues, and the community. To validate the argument that the public art during the Gilded Age happened simultaneously in New York and Buenos Aires, I came back home.

In the coming days, I will diligently capture photographs of the monuments that further support this idea.

Photo by Montes-Bradley
Bartolome Mitre Memorial

Photo by Montes-Bradley
Spring by Ernesto Leon Drivier (1878-1938)

Photo by Montes-Bradley
Memorial to Aristobulo del Valle, Buenos Aires, 1923.

Memorial to Ramon L. Falcon

Memorial to the Revolution of September, 1930. Agustín Riganelli, Scuptor

Buenos Aires
Memorial to Emilio Mitre by Hernán G. Ayerza.


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