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The MET has made a significant stride in recognizing the work of the Piccirilli Brothers.

Updated: Feb 28

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has recently made a significant stride in recognizing the remarkable work of the Piccirilli Brothers. As part of this effort, the name of their marble carving studio in the Bronx have been incorporated into the descriptions of various works of art created by prominent American sculptors.

Previously, these descriptions did not acknowledge the carvers. However, the MET has now taken the initiative to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions in the creation of works by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French, Herbert Adams, Edith Woodman Burroughs, and Paul Wayland Bartlett.

By including the Piccirilli in the descriptions of works by these renowned American sculptors the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not only providing due credit but also drawing attention to the exceptional skills of the Piccirilli but also highlights the collaborative efforts involved in creating significant works of art in ita collection. Moreover, it promotes a broader understanding and a more comprehensive historical narrative, which should inspire other institutions to follow suit.

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