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Eduardo Montes-Bradley Film Festival



The film explores the life and work of an American composer, teacher, and conductor Alice Parker with particular emphasis on her collaborations with Robert Shaw, and the creative process behind some of her most acclaimed compositions. HD|30 minutes.

Alice Parker by Eduardo Montes-Bradley


Filmed across three continents, from Berlin and Barcelona to Buenos Aires and New York, this film reconstructs the multiple exiles of Peter Paul Weinschenk, a Jewish-German acclaimed for his his cinematography in the Goden Age of Argentine Cinema. HD|80 minutes 



This portrait of a plain-spoken scientist, married to his childhood sweetheart, brings out the wisdom of an unassuming Southerner and the moral compass of an exemplary man, academic physician, and woodland gardener with an old-school belief in family values and self-sufficiency. HD|30 minutes

Jay Y. Gillenwater by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

RITA DOVE: American Poet

An intimate and noteworthy portrait of a woman who emerged from the profound social transformations of the 1960s as a singular voice and became a distinguished bard decorated with the highest artistic honors of the land. HD|30 minutes. 

Rita Dove by Eduardo Montes-Bradley


A highly acclaimed documentary exploring the oral tradition of a family of Black descendants of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States. Director Montes-Bradley preserves this vital social record, suppressed or neglected due to exclusion and racism. HD|30 minutes

The Other Madison’s by Eduardo Montes-Bradley


In this multiple award-winning documentary, Milt Feldman evokes his childhood and wartime experience, including his capture by Nazi forces and his long journey to a German POW camp.  HD|60 minutes

A Soldier’s Dream by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

WHITE: John Borden Evans

"White" is about an artist and a way of life; a farm in Virginia, food, love, water, trees, and the relentless relationship between time and oneself. Moreover, "White" is a film about an artist named John Borden Evans. HD | 30 minutes. 

John Borden Evans by Eduardo Montes-Bradley


Documentary on Bond's life and role during the Civil Rights Movement through interviews, archival images, and footage. The film's first part focuses on the factors that led to the March On Washington. HD|30minutes

Julian Bond by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
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