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Conference Montes-Bradley
Eduardo Montes-Bradley, lecturer

Eduardo Montes-Bradley

Documentarian - Lecturer


+1(434) 422-0883



1165 Owensville Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Date of Birth:

July, 1960

Public Engagements

As a documentary filmmaker, I have always been fascinated by the stories that lie beyond the screen, the ones that are left out or edited for the sake of narrative coherence. But these stories are not lost; they are part of my journey and my creative process, and I want to share them with you. That is why I offer lectures that accompany the screening of some of my documentaries, where I reveal the hidden aspects of my work, such as unseen footage, archival material, travel notes, and reflections that did not make it to the final cut.


I have been honored to lecture at prestigious institutions such as NYPL, the University of Virginia, Yale University, Casa de Americas, Universidad de Salamanca, and multiple cultural centers in many countries. In 2016, I received the Regents' Lecturer in the Department of Graduate School of Education & Information Studies from UCLA, encouraging me to continue pursuing my passion for storytelling and public speaking. I can present my current and past documentary projects in English, Portuguese, Italian, or Spanish. If you want to invite me for a live presentation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

current lecture

The Italian Factor

A presentation of the Piccirilli Brothers and 

screening of Daniel Chester French

followed by Q&A with Montes-Bradley


Running Time: 90 minutes

My film about Daniel Chester French revealed a surprising fact: most of his works were carved by a single family of Italian immigrants in the Bronx. Who were they, and why did Daniel French entrust them with his entire oeuvre?

My lecture on The Italian Factor explores the Piccirilli, the Tuscan artisans who shaped the American Renascence. The presentation includes previously unseen documents, photographs, and footage from my upcoming documentary.

Montes-Bradley. Massa, Tuscany
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