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Conference Montes-Bradley
Eduardo Montes-Bradley, lecturer

Eduardo Montes-Bradley

Public Engagements


+1(434) 422-0883



1165 Owensville Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Public Engagements

I'm drawn to the stories often left out of the final edit. These stories, integral to the creative process, become part of the conversations I enjoy having with the audience. During talks share additional content such as previously unseen footage, travel notes, and reflections on the subject matter.

I’m presently offering to share my films The Italian Factor (a work-in-progress), Black Fiddlers, and Daniel Chester French: American Sculptor followed by a Keynote presentation and Q&A session .


For more information:

An Ongoing Conversation

The documentary Daniel Chester French: American Sculptor (2022), revealed a surprising fact: all but two stone sculptures by French were carved by the Piccirilli Marble Carving Studio in New York. The Italian Factor, a documentary work in progress, explores the life and works of this extraordinary family of Italian artists who have greatly contributed to the development of the City Beautiful Movement.


With the support of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, other important organizations, and private individuals, I was allowed to reconstruct the story of the Piccirilli which was partially lost following the closing of the family workshop in the Bronx, shortly after the end of World War II.


Research for the development of the documentary script produced significant evidence which exceeds the limitations of the documentary film as a medium and that I have used to create a powerpoint presentation which has already received acclaimed reviews in academic or public settings.


Most Recently: New York Public Library, University of Virginia, Lehman College, Fairfield University, Instituto Italiano di Cultura (New York), Teatro di Servi, Massa, Italy, Columbus Citizen's Foundation, James Monroe's Highland, Cherterwood, Tiro a Segno, New York.

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