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Getulio Piccirilli: A Leading Figure

The Italian Factor | Montes-Bradley
Citizenship of Getulio Piccirilli | Courtesy of Elise-Ann Konstantin

In the annals of the Piccirilli family, hailing from Massa-Carrara, it was Getulio, the youngest among six siblings, who diligently steered the legal and financial affairs of the family enterprise.

Born Settimio Severo Ugolino (1), the moniker 'Getulio' (by which he was known since a very early age) encapsulated his identity, drawn from the Romanized reference to a Berber settlement nestled in the Atlas Mountains on the fringe of the Sahara. Settimio Severo, paying homage to a Roman emperor, underscored his historical reverence, while Ugolino evoked the enduring literary legacy of Dante's Divine Comedy. Notably, Jean Baptiste Carpeaux immortalized Ugolino and his progeny in marble, a masterpiece adorning the esteemed halls of the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Getulio Piccirilli: A Leading Figure

While primarily renowned for his adeptness in legal and financial matters, Getulio's foray into the world of sculpting left a mark. One of his most notable collaborations involved the enlargement and on-site sculpting for the New York Stock Exchange's pediment.

The Italian Factor | Montes-Bradley
Getulio Piccirilli at the Lincoln Memorial in 1922 | Courtesy of Elise-Ann Konstantin

Moreover, Getulio played a pivotal role in the realization of the Seated Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. Acting as a liaison between various governmental entities and stakeholders, he meticulously handled the legal and financial aspects concerning its execution, navigating the intricate web of bureaucracy with finesse and diplomacy.

The Italian Factor | Montes-Bradley
LAs known portrait of Getulio Piccirilli, c. 1944 | Courtesy of Elise-Ann Konstantin

In business, Getulio was known for his steadfast dedication to stewardship. His management propelled the family enterprise to new heights, navigating through the legal and financial complexities with finesse.

In conclusion, Getulio exemplified the quintessence of an entrepreneur: resolute in vision, sagacious in judgment, and unwavering in commitment. His indelible imprint on the family enterprise remains a testament to the enduring spirit of enterprise and the transformative power of visionary leadership.

(1) Genealogical research by Carmen Rusconi.

Images: Courtesy of Elise-Ann Konstantin

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