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TIERRA y LIBERTAD: Tabernero in times of the Spanish Civil War

Before becoming a distinguished cinematographer in Argentina during the 1940s, Peter Paul Weinschenk, as a German exile in Barcelona, produced some of the most remarkable documentary images of the Spanish Civil War.

For nearly two years I followed in his footsteps, first to Berlin, then to Mainz, Barcelona, New York, and Buenos Aires. One of the most extraordinary woah! moments during the making of this film was precisely identifying Pablo as the filmmaker behind the camera in the footage used in the opening sequence of Ken Loach's Land & Liberty and in the credits of Fury Over Spain which premiered in New York in 1937. I also learned that Weinschenk was embedded with Buenaventura Durruti during the Aragon campaign of the Aguiluchos de las FAI in 1936 and register some of the most remarkable images on film during of the of Spanish Civil War.

But this is just a chapter on a path of discovery. Weinschenk had a previous life in Berlin during the Weimar Republic and a successful career as a cinematographer in Buenos Aires during the 1940s.

Tabernero (Working Title), is scheduled to premiere in Buenos Aires on November 26th.

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