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Lehman College and Beyond: A presentation of The Italian Factor in the Bronx

Took the 4-train from Brooklyn heading to the Bronx. The ride to Lehman College took a little over an hour, followed by a short walk onto campus where students were immersed in their daily routines. No Palestinian flags, no encampments in sight. Seems like protests are reserved for the non-working class Ivy League or pricey schools for the entitled.

Photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Lehmans Center for The Performing Arts

Found my way to the Music Building’s auditorium where I was scheduled to present updates on The Italian Factor at 5:00pm. John Belardo was there to introduce me to a large crowd of students and faculty. Belardo's knowledge about the Piccirilli is impressive, and our conversations on art are always engaging. While we waited for everyone to take their seats, John mentioned his upcoming talk on the imaginary in Dante’s Divine Comedy, which I found fascinating.

Photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
After the presentation

Started my talk around 5:15pm. After Belardo's introduction, I discussed the research strategy and ongoing efforts for The Italian Factor, a film focusing on the Piccirilli Brothers in New York. Rushed through a series of images from a PowerPoint to kickstart the conversation, then showcased five recently completed sequences. These sequences explored various aspects including Attilio Piccirilli’s more personal work, the fascist period in Italy, and Woodlawn.

Photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Belardo, D'Oronzio and Montes-Bradley

The evening concluded with a lively exchange of questions and answers, with both students and faculty showing interest in the story and the documentary project. Ended the day on a high note by visiting Little Italy in the Bronx with my friend and script collaborator Joseph D’Oronzio, where we stumbled upon one of Attilio Piccirilli's busts of Christopher Columbus, a nod to the rich history we're exploring in our project.

Photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Christopher Columbus by Attilio Piccirilli

Looking forward to my next presentation on The Italian Factor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in June. Stay tuned for updates here or on social media. Thank you!

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