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The Other Madisons | Credit Sequence

Independent filmmakers spend more time crafting the opening credit sequences than most people would usually guess. At least, I do. The reason behind it, which may require a greater lever of complexity or unusual simplicity as in the case of The Other Madisons, has to do with the fact that title sequence do often set the mood for the first reel, or the first ten minutes of the film. They provide us with a feeling for what the rest of the movie would deliver. It’s not all that rare that the preceding title sequence would be so elaborate and sophisticated that when comes immediately after turns out to be somewhat of a disappointment. I’ve been there. I’ve fallen in love with certain effects and introduction gimmicks. But the truth is that moving forward I have been more inclined to resolve such preambles in the most discrete and accurate way. In the documentary film experience, the title sequence should convey the must, the names of the principal collaborators, the editor, the director. It should never be a battleground for egos at stake, or a way of compensating those who were not able to be compensated justly. Simplicity is where I find myself more confortable nowadays. And I feel confortable by sharing today, the simple, yet honest title sequence for The Other Madisons, my latest documentary experience.

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