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Montes-Bradley joins Bettye Kearse on a journey to discover her ancestry and uncover the truth about her past. Through her research, she uncovered the story of Mandy, and the family secrets surrounding her heritage. The Other Madisons by Montes-Bradley’s is a faithful representation of her quest and efforts to bring the story to life.

Bettye Kearse photographed by Montes-Bradley at Montpelier, VA

Bettye’s journey brought her on a collision course with history as she unearthed documents and oral accounts from family members who had kept the secret for generations. She established a connection with Mandy and her own ancestry that would forever shape her life and perspective.

Bettye Kearse and Montes-Bradley. Santa Fe, New Mexico

The “Other Madisons” documentary brings to life Bettye’s story, giving us an intimate look into the journey of a woman determined to understand her family’s secret history. We get a glimpse of the forces that shaped Bettye’s life, as well as an opportunity to reflect upon the complex past of American history.

This film is an invitation to join Bettye on her quest to uncover the truth while discovering the hidden stories of her ancestors. A powerful message of resilience and hope that speaks to the often overlooked and forgotten stories of African American history.

Awards and Nominations

Black Truth Film Festival 2022, Honorable Mention

Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival 2022, Official Selection

Mystic Film Festival 2022, Official Selection

Atlanta Black Pride Film Festival 2021, Honorable Mention

The Roxbury International Film Festival 2021, Official Selection

DC Black Film Festival 2021, Official Selection

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