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Tabernero in times of Marlene Dietrich

Pablo Tabernero arrives in Berlin in time for the premiere of "Metropolis", a film that comes to reaffirm the will of the public in times of political turmoil and unrest. A few months later he joined as an apprentice to Marie Böhm at Becker & Maass. Böhm was a famed and distinguished photographer known for her portraits of dancers and movie stars from all over Europe.

According to his descendants, Tabernero might have participated as a camera assistant during a photoshoot with Marlene Dietrich. The building that Becker & Maass occupied on no longer exists, it was either destroyed by the air raids during WWII or later by the city planners of East Berlin.

The summer of 1927 and the experience of working with Marie Böhm at Becker & Maass, reaffirmed Tabernero’s interest in photography, and a few months enter the prestigious Lette-Verein in Viktoria Platz. Tabernero graduated two years later as an “Assistant Photographer”. He was now ready to enter the booming German film industry.

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