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Sonidos de Salta Awarded by DDF

Documentary Film Fund Award
Sonidos de Salta | Photo by Norbert Ramirez

The Documentary Film Fund is pleased to announce its financial support approval for the "Sonidos de Salta" project led by filmmaker Norberto "Negro" Ramirez. This funding signifies a significant advancement in sustaining and broadening this distinctive initiative that has been impactful in the cultural sphere.

Operating through, "Sonidos de Salta" highlights the diverse cultural heritage of Salta province in Argentina. The project's objectives include reinforcing local identity, preserving the region's rich heritage, and sharing its cultural richness globally.

Recognizing "Sonidos de Salta" as a pioneering effort in the Northwestern region of Argentina, adjacent to Bolivia, the Documentary Film Fund acknowledges its unique portrayal and celebration of intangible oral traditions. This accomplishment has earned the project distinction as a two-time recipient of the Fondo Ciudadano de Desarrollo Cultural, conferred by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Provincia de Salta.

Central to the project's success is its significant institutional presence, establishing it as a trailblazer in the cultural domain. "Sonidos de Salta" adeptly showcases and emphasizes the intangible heritage of the province, gaining acclaim and recognition from cultural bodies. It stands as a symbol of creativity and a testament to Salta's rich cultural tapestry.

Documentary Film Fund Award
Sonidos de Salta | Photo by Norbert Ramirez

Remarkably, the project transcends traditional boundaries by bridging literature and auditory experiences. Through the presentation of the literary legacy of talented creators in Salta and the exploration of various sonic landscapes, "Sonidos de Salta" offers a multifaceted journey into the region's cultural wealth.

With growing momentum, the project has received support from diverse quarters, with its content resonating with audiences and institutions across different territories.

The Documentary Film Fund is honored to contribute to this cultural odyssey and is confident that the financial support provided will propel "Sonidos de Salta" to new heights, resonating with even more hearts and minds globally.

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