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Calzada: Movie of the Week

Exploring the Rich History of Havana Through the Lens of Humberto Calzada: A Documentary

I remember collaborating with Humberto almost fifteen years ago, when his children were young, and his lovely wife, Carmen, was still by his side. The bond we formed during the making of this documentary continues to shape my perspective on art and the power it holds to preserve memories. Humberto's unwavering dedication to rebuilding Havana to its pre-revolutionary essence, is extraordinary. His art serves as a portal, allowing us to experience the nostalgia and beauty of Havana before the trimph of the Revolution.

The film takes us on a journey through the artist's life and creative process, offering a behind-the-scenes look at his works. From his earliest memories to his artistic inspirations, we gain a deep understanding of the passion that drives him.

If you share a love for art, history, and Cuban culture, "Humberto Calzada: Reconstructing Havana" is for you. Share your thoughts in the comment section and share with friends!

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