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On Location with Joy Brown on Broadway

Updated: May 15, 2023

Today I had the honor to stand next to Joy Brown as one of her stunning monumental bronze sculptures was installed on Broadway and 39th Street in New York City.

On Location with Joy Brown on Broadway
Joy Brown large sculptures on Broadway

Witnessing the installation process of such an impressive piece of art was truly awe-inspiring.

The sculpture was cast in Shanghai and then shipped to Kent, Connecticut, where Joy Brown finished the work. Earlier today, the sculpture arrived in New York City and we were there at Columbus Circle to film its arrival. The sight of the massive figure passing by thousands of tourists and New Yorkers was something to behold, as people stopped in their tracks to take in the sight.

Later on, we were able to capture the actual installation of the enigmatic figure on Broadway and 39th Street, where it will be on display throughout the summer. The sculpture is magnificent, and it’s hard not to be captivated by its beauty and presence. It’s impossible to fathom the amount of hard work and creativity that went into bringing this sculpture to life.

On Location with Joy Brown on Broadway

Next week, two similar bronze sculptures by Joy, also cast in Shanghai, will make thwir way to the home of a renown art collector in Virginia, and I will also be there to document the event for "The Art of Joy Brown" a documentary film in progress.

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