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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Join us!

November 11-13, 11-5 pm and by appointment through Nov 16th Reception: Saturday, November 12, 4-7 pm Kent Green, 4 Landmark Lane, Kent CT Presentation: 5:30 | Eduardo Montes-Bradley, acclaimed documentary film maker, will talk about and present footage of the film being made about this mural.

Joy Brown and the Fire Keepers by the kiln in Kent, CT

The Mural For over two years I’ve been working on a 50-foot ceramic mural for the permanent collection of a new art museum on Amami Island in Japan, built by my lifelong friend Shin Watari. It’s a project near and dear to my heart! The Horokan museum (meaning “to wander”) is dedicated to the children of Shin’s hometown. He proposed the theme of the mural -- One World -- inspired by the international spirit of the continuing friendships of our high school class in Japan, while reflecting Shin’s way of life and support of art. From the original sketches and carving in clay to the firing in my Japanese style wood-firing kiln here in Kent, the mural is now complete! I would be thrilled for you to join us to celebrate and see the whole mural before it heads to its new home in Japan. The Film Eduardo Montes-Bradley is making a film about the artistic and spiritual journey of the mural from its inspiration to the installation in Japan, including the continuing thread of east and west in my life and work and in our community, created through the love, magic and joy in art. See these two beautiful outTakes Eduardo made of the firing and studio this summer. We need your help to make this film! If you’d like to contribute or learn more, go to Documentary Film Fund,

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