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"The Other Madisons" Documenting African American descendants of James Madison.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


Bettye Kearse | by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

For thousands of years, descendants of West African nations have passed on their sfamily stories from generation to generation. The tradition migrated and persisted in America through eslavement, emancipation, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Era and still it continues to shape a powerful legacy. Without this tradition Bettye Kearse would not have known that she is a descendant of James Madison, president of the United States, and Father of the Constitution.

In her book The Other Madisons, author Bettye Kearse explores her family roots and the complex legacy of slavery and race. Now, her is being made into a documentary film by Eduardo Montes-Bradley, whose previous works include biographical portrayals of poet laureate Rita Dove, civil rights activist Julian Bond and President James Monroe.

"I think "The Other Madison's" is a story that trascends the mere biographical experience by becoming an opportunity to explore the legacy of slavery while recognizing at the same time, generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society." Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

Pricipal photography is expected to begin in mid-October 2020, and premier is currently being planend during the African American History Month (February 2021) in Boston and Washington, DC.

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