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Chorus America Presents: "ALICE"

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The virtual film premiere will be followed by a talkback with Alice Parker and director Eduardo Montes-Bradley, moderated by Chorus America president and CEO Catherine Dehoney.

Composer, conductor, and teacher Alice Parker is a champion of the power of the human voice and a hero in the world of choral music. The new documentary “ALICE: At Home with Alice Parker” illuminates Parker’s life and art through a series of intimate conversations with filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

Parker’s reflections on her childhood and career are interspersed with stories about the creative process and collaborators behind some of her most significant works as a composer, such as Songs for Eve and A Sermon from the Mountain. Against a backdrop of the wintry mountains of Western Massachusetts where she makes her home, she shares her thoughts on life, morality, and the elemental and joyful importance of song.

“ALICE: At Home with Alice Parker” was produced by Heritage Film Project in association with Melodious Accord. Academic Distribution Kanopy Streaming. HD | 30 mins. English. Produced by Soledad Liendo Directed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. The premiere is presented by Chorus America.

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