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Alice Parker at Mystic and Croatia

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Alice: At Home with Alice Parker has been selected participate in two festival at once. At the upcoming 4th Mystic Film Festival in Connecticut, and at the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF) in Croatia. Both events will take place on the weekend of October 23–24. Alice Parker (96), and members of the Melodious Accord Foundation will be in attendance at the October 24th in Mystic.

Mystic Film Festival

The announcement, made earlier today by Shareen Anderson, could not have come at a better time while I’m exploring locations in the Berkshire for the upcoming documentary film about Daniel Chester French.

Mystic Film Festival showcases independent feature-length and short-form narrative films and documentaries from around the world over four days and four nights in Mystic, Connecticut, and neighboring shoreline towns.

Tickets may be purchased online. The festival’s 2021 slate of films covers a wide range of topics including true crime; heroism; creating music, art, and dance; preserving farming and commercial fishing; jazz legends; relationship dynamics; life during a pandemic; the murder of George Floyd; immigration; humanity’s complex relationship with nature; and building cultural bridges between countries.

The Mystic Film Festival’s final day of screenings wraps up with an awards ceremony Sunday, October 24, at 7 p.m. at Mystic Luxury Cinemas. The festival awards include narrative feature, feature documentary, narrative short, documentary short, New England film, cinematography, directing, screenplay writing, student film, human rights, and conservation. Also at the ceremony, the top five screenplays will be announced. The grand-prize winner will win a table read in early 2022, a 12-month International Screenwriters’ Association Connectmembership, and a one-hour consultation with literary agent Charlie Northcote, owner of Core Literary Inc. Four finalists will each receive a six-month ISA Connect membership and a 30-minute consultation with Northcote.

We're looking forward to attend, participate and share Alice Parker with the audience at this event in what we remember as the most beautiful sea-port village in America!

International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF)

ISFMF, now in its nine consecutive year is a prestigious music forum held in Paula, in the Istria coast of Croatia. The festival's mission is promoting the importance of film music and its composers, as well as film sound. The festival's goals are to originate and encourage discussions, connecting people, advising, educating young composers, but also other people, through discussion panels, seminars, film market and media publishing; we tend to start and maintain creative and constructive discussions about that indelible link between film and music.

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