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The Venice Program, UVA

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The Venice Program at the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia has been a celebrated study abroad opportunity for students for many years. Now, a new film is in development that seeks to tell the story of this unique and transformative experience.

Through interviews with alumni, faculty, and current students, the film will explore the impact that the Venice Program has had on the lives and careers of its participants. Viewers will hear firsthand accounts of the creativity, collaboration, and personal growth that take place during the Program's intensive six-week curriculum, which includes design studio work, field trips, and seminars.

In addition to showcasing the Program's academic benefits, the film will also capture the beauty and history of Venice itself. With its timeless architecture, winding canals, and vibrant culture, Venice provides an unforgettable backdrop for the Program and a unique environment in which students can truly immerse themselves in their studies.

As the film's producers continue to gather footage and conduct interviews, they are excited to share the inspiring story of the Venice Program and the ways in which it has impacted the lives of its participants. So stay tuned for updates on the development of this exciting new project!

The Venice Program, UVA

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