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"The Birth of a Nation” Preamble of a dystopia fortold

With "The Birth of a Nation", originally called "The Clansman" (1915) by D. W. Griffith, the American audience was introduced to the binomial fallacy in which two non-existent and opposing forces confronted each other. The good was represented by The Clansman which -inspired by Griffith's film, went on to become a powerful force behind the rise of the KKK. Evil, on the other hand, was represented by militias of African American's acting as spearheads for the advancement of the cause of the Union. Although the KKK went on to terrorize the south victimizing thousands of innocent men and women, the feared militias never amounted to anything. The made-up conspiracy theory reminds us today of the roles played by the right-wing militias and the BLM and Antifa. While the former remains an essential concern to our intelligence services, the latter has been used by the Trumpian conspiratorial apparatus and the dark-web echo chamber to spread fear amongst the white-rural middle-middle and working class. PS. From the editing room of "The Other Madisons", a work in progress.

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