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I have splendid memories of my childhood and early adolescence in Argentina. From a very early age, I felt compelled to express myself through the arts. I was learning to draw at first and later embraced photography and film. I loved cameras of all sorts and the smell of celluloid and the chemicals in the lab. To support my passion, I wrote music and film reviews for avant-garde magazines and local newspapers. Due to the political atmosphere created by the military regime in the late 1970s, I left Buenos Aires for New York, where I continued to earn a living by writing reviews. Writing is that other passion of mine, one that will lead me to become a documentary filmmaker. Retrospectively it makes perfect sense. Documentary filmmaking combines journalism and film; it is a medium that has allowed me to continue to write with lights and shadows. In documentary films, I found a comfortable space to continue to draw, photograph, ask questions and express my interests and concerns as a storyteller. It doesn't feel that long ago that I picked up an 8mm camera for the first time. New technologies speak volumes about the time that has since passed. However, the fact that the goal remains to tell stories and record the world around me accounts for my strong commitment to documentary filmmaking.

With don Isaac Diaz Pardo in Galicia, c1989

I've made films with the support of cultural and governmental institutions, also as commissioned work by individuals. The subject matters have always been enticing and weighted heavily in my decision to accept the challenge. I have no recollection of having ever worked with a subject in which I was not interested. The titles mentioned in the following filmography are a partial list of films I've made, and certainly amongst the ones I most enjoyed creating.

Eduardo Montes-Bradley |

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