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Movie of the Month: The Harp of Iwo Jima

Attention all movie enthusiasts and history buffs! I have an exciting announcement to share with you today.

I would like to introduce "The Harp of Iwo Jima," a film that delves into the untold story of US Marine William Eckert. I knew Bill, and from the first time I heard him play his harmonica I know Inhave to get my camera right in front of him, and having the support of The Library of Congress was indeed a great honor which Bill and I shared.

This film takes us on a journey through the South Pacific Theatre, where Eckert and his fellow Marines demonstrated bravery and resilience.

"The Harp of Iwo Jima" captures the indomitable spirit of these individuals, from the shores of Guam to the raising of the American Flag on Mount Suribachi.

"The Harp of Iwo Jima" is now available for online streaming. You can enjoy this thought-provoking film on platforms such as Alexander Street Press and Kanopy. With a runtime of approximately 10 minutes, this concise yet impactful film provides a unique glimpse into history.

Remember to spread the word and share this meaningful film with others.


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