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Manifiesto Herrán by Negro Ramirez

Poet and feminist
Kuky Herran, now subject of Ramirez's latest documentary Film

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | The Documentary Film Fund is pleased to announce its renewed commitment to supporting the production of “Manifiesto Herrán.” This film portrays the life and work of Kuky Herrán (1938–2019), a poet and humanist from the remote Salta province in Argentina. Directed by Norberto “Negro” Ramirez and supported by the Ministry of Culture, and the Documentary Film Fund, “Manifiesto Herrán” features recollections from friends and colleagues of the late poet, including Zulma Palermo, Jorge Lovisolo, and Alejandro Morandini.

Kuky Herrán is recognized as a significant figure in the Generation of Argentine Poets of the 1960s, contributing profoundly to the literary landscape with her evocative and powerful poetry. Her work not only enriched Argentine literature but also provided a voice to the struggles and aspirations of women during a transformative period. As a pillar of the women's rights movement, Herrán tirelessly advocated for gender equality, using her platform to highlight issues of injustice and inspire change. Her legacy continues to influence contemporary poets and activists, cementing her place as both a literary icon and a champion for women's rights.

“Manifiesto Herrán” will be completed by November and will premiere with the support of state-sponsored institutions throughout the province of Salta, followed by screenings in Buenos Aires and on the film art festival circuit.

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