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Three Documentaries in 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Looking Forward and in Good Spirits - As we move closer to the completion of The Other Madisons, yet another great American story, we celebrate what otherwise could have been a difficult year for the Heritage Film Project. However, we have reasons to be thankful in spite of it all, COVID, political turmoil, civil unrest, climate change, millions of fellow citizens around the world without work, or even a roof over their heads.

A breakfast meeting with Alice and friends in Hawley, Massachusetts
On Location with Alice Parker

At HFP we have been lucky, and in many ways privileged. We remain in good health by following the guidelines and production protocols, and thus able to carry on achieving more than what we had initially projected by the end of last year.

On February 23, we had the privilege of presenting J.J.Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia at the University of Richmond. On October 8 we participated alongside Melodious Accord in the world premiere of Alice: At Home with Alice Parker by Chorus America, and also enjoyed seeing our film being included in the Official Selection at the Virginia Film Festival. The film is now available through Kanopy Streaming and Films for Change for everyone to see and celebrate the life and works of Alice Parker.

Ricardo Aronovich in “Buscando a Tabernero"
Ricardo Aronovich

Furthermore, on November 26th we celebrated the critically acclaimed Latin American premier on television of Buscando a Tabernero (Searching for Tabernero), film about legendary German cinematographer Peter Paul Weinschenk. Buscando a Tabernero, was in the making for three years, and has been one of HFP’s most ambitions and expensive productions. We started filming in Berlin on September 2017, and continued filming for two years in Mainz, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and New York.

Next year will find us even stronger and more productive with the release of The Other Madisons, the extraordinary saga of the black descendants of the 4th President of the United States, and the yet to be announce 2021 production lineup which so far includes two HFP worth projects.

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