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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

During the preliminary research for "The Italian Factor" and the lives of the Piccirilli Brothers from Massa Carrara, I came upon this extraordinary silent film, a human tragedy in the Apuan Alps. Poetic, and epic, this short appeals to the essence of the documentary. The neao-realist approach, even the dislocated and perhaps disrruptive soundtrack add to the candor of the testimony.

I will continue to update this particular post with other titles in mind such as La fossa degli angeli the 1937 drama by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia.

Amedeo Nazzari cavatore ne "la fossa degli angeli" (Bragaglia 1937)

The following image from Bragaglia’s film, is reminiscent of a possible scene in front of the hotel where Giusseppe and Barbara Piccirilli lived in Massa. The sign behind reads “Osteria”, which is in this case the type of residencial Barbara’s family operated.

Scena dal film "La fossa degli angeli" ( Bragaglia, 1937)

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