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Filming at Estouteville

This coming Sunday I will be filming at Estouteville house for the upcoming documentary film on Ludwig Kuttner. The location promises to play an important role in the film, the sort of role that historical homes tend to play when the action and dialogue unfolds within.

Estouteville is a historic home in Esmont, Virginia. The main house was begun in 1827, and consists of a two-story, seven-bay central block, 68 feet by 43 feet, with two 35 feet by 26 feet, three-bay, single-story wings. It is constructed of brick and is in the Roman Revival style. A Tuscan cornice embellishes the low hipped roofs of all three sections, each of which is surmounted by tall interior end chimneys. The interior plan, where many of conversations with Ludwig Kuttner will take place, is dominated by the large Great Hall, a 23-by-35-foot richly decorated room. Also on the property are a contributing kitchen; a square frame dairy; a square, brick smokehouse, probably built in the mid-19th century, also covered with a pyramidal roof; and a frame slave quarters. Estouteville was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

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