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EVITA: The Documentary

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Long after Evita was embalmed and secretly buried under a fictitious name in Milan, the former First Lady of Argentina was once again catapulted to fame by Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway musical. A few years later, Alan Parker's movie adaptation would contribute the necessary ingredients to transform a historical character into a Hollywood fantasy of mythical proportions.

But the complexity of the circumstances surrounding her life, her quest for glory and tragic ending deserved a more realistic approach and that is exactly what Eduardo Montes-Bradley accomplished with his outstanding portrait of the legendary woman.

Evita, the documentary, unveils the ambiguous nature of the young actress that ruled -with iron fist- the lives of millions. More than three thousand photographs, hundreds of hours of archival footage and recordings produced by the Peronist propaganda machine half a century ago, were unearthed and meticulously researched to bring this dynamic, larger-than-life protagonist back to life. "Evita", by Eduardo Montes-Bradley, spares no conflict, nor softens the sharp edges of a questionable life placing the unfeigned character back in her real dimension.

USA, 2005. English | 64 minutes. directed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

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