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Washington: Dupont Fountain

Updated: Sep 16, 2023


Paris boasts of its La Place de la République, and Washington, DC offers the underrated marvel, the DuPont Fountain. While not a square in the conventional sense, it stands as an essential rendezvous for both locals and travelers. Beyond its functional role as a meeting spot or navigational reference, the fountain beckons appreciation for its intricate design and craftsmanship. This architectural gem springs from the unparalleled talents of Daniel Chester French and the Piccirilli brothers, who meticulously brought it to life in the Bronx.

Dupont Fountain designed Henry Bacon, sculptural models by Daniel Chester French,  carved in marble by the Piccirilli Brothers of New York.
Dupont Fountain

You might be tempted to compare it to renowned fountains in Rome or the ornate ones adorning the gardens of Luxembourg. However, there's a unique charm to finding beauty in unexpected places, close to home. Embrace the DuPont Fountain as Washington's answer to Europe's famed water features. It's like a mini European escape, without ever leaving the city.

Dupont’s Artistic Oasis

During your next visit to Washington, DC, allow yourself more than just a fleeting glance at DuPont Circle. Pause and truly immerse in the artistic splendor of the fountain that defines it. This masterpiece not only embellishes our nation’s capital but also stands as a testament to the beauty that often remains overlooked, awaiting your keen eye.

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