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Caruso plays Piccirilli

Updated: May 15, 2023

"Cousins" is a silent film from 1918 featuring the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso in his only film role. Directed by Colin Campbell, the film tells the story of two cousins, one who is a successful opera singer (Caruso) and the other a struggling scylptor. The film explores the themes of family, success, and cultural identity. We beñieve that, in orther to compose the character of a sculptor Caruso resorted to Attilio Piccirilli which will explain the tenor's freocuwnt voaits to the sculptor's studio in the Bronx prior to the filming of the film.

Caruso plays Piccirilli
Caruso as the sculptor in “Cousins”, 1918

Caruso's performance in the film was impressive given that his career was largely focused on singing. He portrayed his character with depth and sensitivity, capturing the struggles of a successful artist torn between his passion for music and his responsibility to his family. His strong voice was also showcased in a few scenes, adding to the film's dramatic effect.

Caruso plays Piccirilli

The portrayal of immigration and cultural differences in "Cousins" is also noteworthy. The struggles faced by the immigrant cousin highlighted the challenges and discrimination faced by immigrants in the early 1900s. The film's representation of different immigrant cultures and their integration into American society was thoughtful and relevant.

Overall, "Cousins" is a unique film that combines the talents of one of the greatest opera singers of all time with a compelling story that touches on themes that are still relevant today. The film is a must-see for both music and film enthusiasts looking for a classic piece of cinema that highlights early 20th-century culture and values.

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