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A Donation in Perpetuity to Centro Cultural Recoleta

Charlottesville-based nonprofit organization, Documentary Film Fund, is pleased to announce the donation of 13 documentary films to the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires. These films, part of a larger collection produced by Contrakultura Films between 1999 and 2007 with the support of the National Institute of Cinematography, The National Endowment for the Arts, and the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, have received public acclaim and have been awarded in film festivals across Europe and Latin America. They celebrate renowned authors, intellectuals, and artists, including Julio Cortázar and Jorge Luis Borges.

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Under the artistic vision of director Eduardo Montes-Bradley, these documentaries beautifully capture the essence of each featured writer and artist. While one of the films, Cortázar: Apuntes para un documental, explores Julio Cortázar's political sympathies and his relationship with the revolutions in Cuba and Nicaragua, other titles shine a spotlight on a diverse range of remarkable figures, inviting viewers to delve into Argentina's rich cultural heritage.

Contrakultura Films
Eduardo Montes-Bradley, 1998
Cortazar por Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Julio Cortázar, Paris, c1956

A Donation in Perpetuity to the Centro Cultural Recoleta

"We are delighted to contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of Buenos Aires by sharing these documentary films," said Montes-Bradley. "It is my heartfelt desire to give back to the city that has inspired and nurtured my creative journey. Through these films, we aim to ignite a passion for literature, art, and the power of storytelling among both local residents and visitors alike."

The Centro Cultural Recoleta, renowned for its dedication to promoting artistic expression and fostering cultural understanding, will serve as the perfect platform for these films to be appreciated and cherished by audiences. This collaboration between the Documentary Film Fund and Centro Cultural Recoleta reflects a shared vision of nurturing a thriving arts community and providing access to enriching cultural experiences.

Julio Cortazar y Eduardo Montes-Bradley
Julio Cortázar en Nicaragua

The donated films will be exhibited at Centro Cultural Recoleta in perpetuity ensuring access to a wide and diverse audience.

Complete List of Titles Donated to the Centro Cultural Recoleta

1. Cortázar: Apuntes para un documental, de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

2. Harto THE Borges, de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

3. Una cierta mirada (Juan J. Sebrelli), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

4. Testigo del siglo (Ismael Viñas), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley (Bajo seudónimo).

5. Le Mot Just (Héctor Tizón), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley (Bajo seudónimo).

6. Deliciosas perversions polimorfas (Alberto Laiseca), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

7. Ecce Homo (Juan Filloy), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

8. Las memorias del señor Alzheimer (Dippi di Paola), de Sergio Belloti.

9. No matarás (Marcelo Birmajer), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

10. El País de no me acuerdo (Ivan Grondona), de Eduardo Montes-Bradley.

11. De Frankfurt a Humahuaca (Jorge Lovisolo), de Norberto “Negro” Ramírez.

12. Negro sobre blanco (Margarita Bróndolo), de Eduardo Lopez..

13. Yo y el tiempo (Juan José Botelli), de Norberto “Negro” Ramírez.

Documentary Film Fund would like to express its deepest gratitude to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and Maximiliano Tomas, director of the Centro Cultural Recoleta, for their support and cooperation in making this donation possible. The Documentary Film Fund also acknowledges the contributions of the talented individuals such as Sergio Bellotti, Norberto Negro Ramirez, Eduardo López, Leonardo Hussen, and institutions involved in the production of these films: General Production: Contrakultura, Line Producer: Leo Hussen, Producer: Soledad Liendo.

Documentary Film Fund

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