Montes-Bradley has produced and directed over fifty biographical portrayals of distinguished artists, scientists, and intellectuals. Some of the most recent were Black Fiddlers, Rita Dove: An American Poet; Daniel Chester French, Julian Bond, and Alice Parker. Other relevant works in his prolific career as a filmmaker are Jorge Luis Borges, Monroe Hill, Slavery at the University of Virginia, and Samba on Your Feet, a unique look into Afro-Brazilian cultural traditions through music, and the evolution of Carnival. 


Abrevieted Filmpmography

Black Fiddlers: The film explores the history of African-American fiddlers and their contribution to American music. It includes interviews with founding members of the Carolina Chocolate Drops Justin Robinson and Rhiannon Giddens. Also, authors Howard and Judith Sacks, professor Kip Lornell and scholar Marshall Wyatt. Black Fiddlers was produced -in part- with a gift from The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation. HD | 60 minutes

The Other Madisons: The film narrates the story of a family of African American descendants of president James Madison and an enslaved woman named Coreen at James Madison's Montpelier. HD | 38 min | 16:9. Official Selection DC Black Film Festival, 2021; Official Selection Roxbury International Film Festival, 2021[29] Honorable Mention, Black Truth Film Festival, 2022.


Alice: At Home With Alice Parker: This biographical documentary explores the life, and works of composer-conductor Alice Parker. Filmed in Hawley. Alice focuses on the formative years and the collaborations with Robert Shaw, and with the works of Martin Luther King Jr., Archibald MacLeish, Eudora Welty, and Emily Dickinson. American premiere by Chorus America on October 8, 2020. Grand Jury Prize, Mystic Film Festival, 2021; Official Selection, 2020 Virginia Film Festival. Distributed by Kanopy. Produced in 2020 by HFP in association with Melodious Accord, Inc.


Searching 4-Tabernero: Narrates the multiple exiles of Peter Paul Weinschenk, better known as Pablo Tabernero for his work as a cinematographer during the Golden Age of Argentine cinema. Tabernero is best-known for his work next to directors Carlos Hugo Christensen, Mario Soffici, Hugo del Carril, and Luis Saslavsky. His film Prisioneros de la tierra was critically acclaimed by Jorge Luis Borges. The film was exhibited at the MOMA in 2015 as part of a curated retrospective of film noir.[36] The exhibit included three of Tabernero's works: Si muero antes de despertar, La Quintrala, and Prisioneros de la tierra. Tabernero was awarded the Premio Condor de Plata and is increasingly being recognized for his contribution to the documentary experience in Barcelona in times of the Spanish Civil War alongside the militias of Buenaventura Durruti. 


A Soldier's Dream: The Milt Feldman Story: Is a biographical portrayal of Milt Feldman, a US Veteran with the 106th Infantry Division, captured at the Battle of the Bulge. Feldman was marched by German troops and transported to Stalag IV-B where he remain a POW until the arrival of the Red Army. The film is also a window into Milt Feldman's life in a family of Polish immigrants in Brooklyn during the early 1930s. "A Soldier's Dream" premiered in Pleasanton on August 11, 2018, It was awarded Best Documentary at the 9th Historical and Military Film Festival, Warsaw, Best Biography at Oniros Film Awards, 2019, and Best Feature Documentary at Port Orchard Film Festival, 2019. A Soldier's Dream was in the Official Selection at Western European Film Festival, 2019; Courage Film Festival, Berlin, 2019; San Francisco Veteran's Film Festival 2018, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2018, and the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival, 2018. "A Soldier's Dream" aired on PBS. HD | 60 minutes[48]


The Gillenwater Story: Is a biographical portrayal of Jay Y. Gillenwater, UVA academic physician and researcher, a woodland gardener with an old-school belief in family, friendship, and self-sufficiency. This portrait of a plain-spoken scientist who married his childhood sweetheart brings out the wisdom of an unassuming Southerner, and the moral compass of an exemplary man. HD | 30 min.


Monroe Hill: Explores the historical context of James Monroe's first plantation in Albemarle County in times of the French Revolution. The colonial building known as Monroe Hill predates Highland and the University of Virginia and currently serves as the administrative offices of Brown Residential College.[52] To contextualize the late 18th Century period in Virginia the editor included rare historical footage from D. W. Griffith’s films. HFP | HD | 60 min.


Unearthed and Understood: Unearthed and Understood, is an academic documentary awarded by the President's Commission on Slavery and the University (PCSU) at the University of Virginia. It premiered on October 16, 2014, at the conference "Universities Confronting the Legacy of Slavery", in Charlottesville. HD | 18 minutes.

Rita Dove: An American Poet: Is a biographical portrayal of Rita Dove. The one-hour-long documentary is made of a series of conversations between the writer and the filmmaker. These conversations took place in Charlottesville between September 2012 and October 2013. Rita Dove: An American Poet was edited by combining hundreds of still images and home movies from the Dove family's collection. The intimacy of the film's dialogue brings a uniquely personal insight into the wide range of Dove's artistic passions. Most of the film's images are the results of the efforts of Rita Dove's father (Ray A. Dove) to record their family's life in the 1950s and 1960s. Rita Dove: An American Poet premiered in Charlottesville on January 31, 2014. Heritage Film Project | University of Virginia Collection, 2014. Distributed by Filmmakers Library & Alexander Street Press, USA. Color and Black and White, HD, 50 min. HFP | 16:9


Julian Bond: Reflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement: This is the portrait of social activist and former Georgia legislator Julian Bond. Julian Bond was awarded Best Documentary at the 4th Baltimore International Black Film Festival, 2017. Distributed by Filmmakers Library & Alexander Street Press, USA. HD, 34 min.

J.J.Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia: Explores the life and work of Julius John Lankes, the artist who illustrated writings by Robert Frost, Sherwood Anderson, and Roark Bradford. Partially based on the previous research by Welford Dunaway Taylor, professor emeritus of English Literature at the University of Richmond. Written by Montes-Bradley in collaboration with Jeffrey Plank, and produced by Soledad Liendo. The film also includes conversations with Burchfield scholar Nancy Weekly, and with Parker C. Agelasto. J.J.Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia premiered in Buenos Aires, and was included in the Official Selection at Buffalo International Film Festival as part of a special exhibit organized by the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the State University of New York; and in the Special Selection at the Virginia Film Festival, 2019. HD | 30 min.


White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans: Is a portrayal of Virginia artists John Border Evans entirely filmed over the winter of 2015 on the artist's 19th-century farm. White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans was awarded Best Documentary at the 4th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra; Best Documentary at Richmond International Film Festival, and was shown in the Official Selection at the Virginia Film Festival.[73] HD, 30 min.


Andrés Waissman: This is an expositive documentary about Andrés Waissman, a contemporary artist. Filmed at Waissman's atelier in Palermo where Waissman reveals aspects of his childhood and early influences, his Jewish ancestry, and his commitment to social activism. Andrés Waissman premiered at MALBA on July 10, 2012. HD | 30 min.

Humberto Calzada: Is a portrayal of Cuban-American artist Humberto Calzada. The film explores Calzada's childhood in Havana, Cuba before the Revolution.[75] Calzada's meticulous attempt to reconstruct the past is a constant on his work. In many ways, Calzada epitomizes the exiled who acknowledges the impossibility of return: "The Havana I used to know is just another imaginary place", he says in this intimate portrait of a man gravitating in a constant state of melancholy. Original Music by Gerardo Aguillón (violin) and José Angel Navarro (guitar). 30 min. 16:9 HD. Distributed by Alexander Street Press and Kanopy. HD | 16:9 | 30 min.


Ernesto Deira: A documentary portrayal of Ernesto Deiraa founding member -alongside Luis Felipe Noe, Romulo Maccio, and Jorge de la Vega- of the neo figurative movement in Paris. Produced for the Museo de Nacional de Bellas Artes. HD|20'


Pérez Celis: Biographical portrayal of contemporary artist Pérez Celis. Filmed in Little Haiti during frequent visits by the filmmaker to the artist's studio. In a candid conversational style, Celis talks of his early influences, Picasso, and Matisse, of his relationship with Argentine politics, particularly with Evita, and his understanding of the meaning of life. USA, 2005.

Cortázar: apuntes para un documental: The film presents Julio Cortázar's political views on the Latin American progressive movement in the 1960s including previously unseen home-movies filmed by Cortázar, an avid 8mm aficionado, shot in Paris with Carole Dunlop; in the gardens of the Mexican Embassy in New Delhi with Aurora Bernardez, Octavio Paz, Elena Garro and in Nicaragua with Claribel Alegría, Ernesto Cardenal, Manuel Antín, Carlos Montemayor, and Sergio Ramírez. Locations: Managua, Buenos Aires, Paris, Linz Am Rhien, Madrid, and Rome. Nominated for Best Documentary, 2003 by the Argentine Film Critics Association.

Los cuentos del timonel (Tells of the Helmsman) Is a biographical sketch on journalist and historian Osvaldo Bayer. The film traces Bayer's life in Buenos Aires to the German colony in Argentina in the 1930s and 1940s. From this period Bayer evokes Adolf Hitler's birthday as it was celebrated by thousands at the German Club – Club Albatros of Buenos Aires: "They came in into the streets of Belgrano in a caravan, often lead by the German Ambassador to Argentina Baron Edmund von Thurman. According to Bayer, when the ambassador arrived at the German Club the band will start playing Hitler's favorite tune the Badonviller Marsch. Los cuentos del timonel was awarded Best Documentary by the Argentine Film Critics Association in 2002. Bayer also explores his relationship with Paco Urondo, Julio Cortázar, Hector Olivera, Osvaldo Soriano, Rodolfo Walsh and others.[87] Los cuentos del timonel was filmed using a Bolex 16mm and a Sony Handycam DCR-VX1000.

Harto The Borges: Presented at the 12e Rencontres Cinémas d'Amerique Latine, Toulouse, Mars 2000. Nominated for a Cóndor de Plata,

Saavedra: Between Berlin and a place called Peixoto: is a biographical documentary on Brazilian author Carola Saavedra. Filmed on location in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro. Saavedra premiered on October 9, 2013, at Frankfurt International Book Fair.[96] Official Selection Pedra Azul Film Festival.[97] Filmmaker produces documentaries on Ronaldo Correia de Brito and José Luiz Passos.[98][99] Heritage Film Project + Writers Made in Brazil, 2013. HD, 30 min. Produced in part with a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations | Embassy of Brazil, Washington, D.C.[100]

Lisboa is a biographical portrayal of Brazilian writer Adriana Lisboa Fábregas Gurevitz, and her experience as a Brazilian living in Louisville, close to Boulder where the documentary was filmed in February 2012. The film presents the writer and her perspectives on exile and literature, on living abroad and in a bilingual universe. Lisboa premiered on WHTJ PBS, WCVE PBS, Virginia, and also aired by Rocky Mountain PBS. Italian Avant Premier with Italian subtitles at Festivaletteratura | Mantua, Italy on September 5, 2014 Heritage Film Project + Writers Made in Brazil, 2012. HD, 30 min. (English) Produced in part with a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations | Embassy of Brazil, Washington, D.C.

Evita (Documentary): Documentary on Eva Duarte, former First Lady of Argentina. Evita, the illegitimate child without social or economic standing, was determined to make it big in the world of entertainment. Her love affair with a rising political star (Juan Domingo Perón) transformed her into a vital part of Perón's plans to seduce a nation. The charming Evita became a skilled public speaker that fitted perfectly with politics in Argentina. Just imagine Marilyn Monroe with the charisma of Princess Diana, elevated by Joseph Goebbels's propaganda machine as the indisputable Spiritual Leader of the Nation. The documentary appears to be fair, perhaps the first biography on the subject that strives to be balanced. Evita was screened at the Virginia Film Festival, in Charlottesville, on November 4, 2011.

Che: Rise & Fall: DVD Release Date: July 13, 2006, by Westlake Entertainment, German Release, 20007, Latin American premiered on NatGeo. Che: Rise and Fall, follows the trials and tribulations of Ernesto Guevara in the words of old friends and comrades-in-arms. Includes the testimonies of Guevara's friend Alberto Granado, and members of his elite military entourage Alberto Castellanos, Enrique Oltuski, Argudín Mendoza, Enrique "Pombo" Villegas. Locations: Havana, Congo, Bolivia. Super 16mm. Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1

Samba On Your Feet: The documentary explores behind the scenes of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, revealing the preambles of the cultural clash leading to Samba, an indigenous cultural tradition in Brazil. Samba On Your Feet includes archival material and interviews with iconic figures of Brazilian Carnival and Samba. "Samba On Your Feet" was selected to participate at the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival 2008, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2006, Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) 2007, and Toronto Latino Film Festival. The film is distributed by the Filmmakers Library. Worldwide rights by Alexander Street Press. The documentary gained the recognition in African American Studies.

Witness of a Century: Original title: Ismael Viñas: Testigo del siglo. Film based on the memoirs and recollections of Ismael Viñas: legendary political figure, economist, founder of Movimiento de Liberación Nacional (MALENA), former Undersecretary of Culture during the Revolución Libertadora. Viñas reappears in front of the camera after twenty-six years in self-imposed exile, first in Israel and finally in the US. During a series of conversations with Montes-Bradley in Florida, USA, Viñas reflects on his youth, on his brother David, on his father, a well political character during the times of Hipólito Yrigoyen, and a Federal Judge in Patagonia during the uprisings portrayed in Rebellion in Patagonia in the early 1920s. 

The Great Pretender: Official Selection of the International Film Festival of Buenos Aires (BAFICI), 2007. The documentary presents Montes-Bradley's quest to find Nahuel Maciel, a journalist who fifteen years before fooled the press core by posing as a native from the Mapuche nation in Patagonia. Disguised as Chief Nahuel the impostor sold alleged interviews with Gabriel García Márquez, Umberto Eco, Mario Vargas Llosa and others to prestigious local newspapers such as El Cronista Comercial. Nahuel Maciel later published a book with a bogus interview with the Colombian Nobel Prize preceded by a foreword by Eduardo Galeano.

Screenings and Special Presentations


2020 - February 23. “J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” screening at the University of Richmond. The film was presented in conjunction with the University Museums' Lankes collection. Followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2019 - December 9-15. A Twenty Film Retrospective of Montes-Bradley. "De aquí y de allá, una retrospectiva documental". Teatro General San Martín, Sala Leopoldo Lugones, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Diego Brodersen.

2019 - October 27.  Virginia Film Festival, University of Virginia. Double presentation of "“J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” and "White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans". Jefferson School of African American Heritage Center. Discussion with filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley, moderated by Sean McCord (VAFF)

2019 - October 11.  “J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” screening at the Burchfield Penney Art Center at SUNY Buffalo State. The film was presented as part of the program at the Buffalo International Film Festival. Followed by an interview of documentary filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley by Meg Knowles, documentary filmmaker and associate professor of media production in the Communication Department at SUNY Buffalo State

2019 - August16-23. Four Films Retrospective of Montes-Bradley at the Auditorio del Colegio Público de Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presented by Daniel Paraná Sendrós.

2019 - May 7.  “A Soldier’s Dream: The Milt Feldman Story” Best Documentary Film at Port Orchard Film Festival.

2018 - November 3. "A Soldier´s Deam" San Francisco Veterans Film Festival


2018 - October 20. "A Soldier´s Deam", Official Selection at the Andes Film Festival, Great Western Catskill International Film Festival, New York.

2016 - May 16. "Julian Bond" Presentation at the British Academy, London. Introduction by  Prof. Sharon Monteith with Eduardo Montes-Bradley as director-guest.

2016 - March 7. "Monroe Hill". Special screening at Mary Washington University organized by the James Monroe Museum of Fredericksburg, Va. Followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2015 - November 12. “White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans”. Winner of Best Documentary at Virginia International Film Festival. Richmond, Virginia.

2015 - November 6. “Monroe Hill”. a documentary about James Monroe and his farm’s contribution to Thomas Jefferson’s university. Virginia Film Festival. Charlottesville, Virginia.

2015 - September 29. "Julian Bond". Official Selection Southampton Village's 10th Annual African-American Film Festival. Long Island, New York. 

2014 - May 21. "Testigo del siglo: Ismael Viñas". Screening organized by The Interamerican Institute for Democracy. Books and Books, Coral Gables, Florida.

2015 - March 12. "Samba on Your Feet" screening at the Jefferson School and African American Heritage Center in Charlottesville, Va. Introduction by Dr. Andrea Douglas, followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2014 - April 24. "Lisboa". Screening organized by the School of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Virginia. Introduction by Prof. Elie Carter. Followed by Q&A with the director.

2012 - November 4. "Julian Bond". Official Selection Virginia Film Festival. The University of Virginia.

2011 - October 4. "Evita". Official Selection at the Virginia Film Festival at the University of Virginia.

2010 - January 7. "Calzada" Premier at Tower Theatre in Miami, Fl. in anticipation of the special presentation on PBS. With the support of the University of Miami. 

2009 - March 20. "Samba On Your Feet". Brazil on the Beach – Presented by Arts and Culture of the City of Hollywood, Florida. USA.

2000 - March 14. "Harto The Borges" screening organized by the University of Salamanca, Instituto de Estudios de Iberoamérica y Portugal.