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As a family of passionate filmmakers, we
are enthusiastic about both the art of film and
the culinary arts.

We work
together to create engaging and informative films, seeking to learn
and grow from one another and our community of friends.

Soledad Liendo
William Montes-Liendo

EDUARDO Montes-Bradley is an artist and journalist known for his diverse work spanning various mediums, including film and photography. Montes-Bradley has traveled extensively, producing insightful and thought-provoking work documenting our time's social, political, and cultural issues. With his keen eye and unflinching honesty, Montes-Bradley has earned a reputation as a master storyteller, able to capture the essence of a subject and present it in an engaging and enlightening way. Whether exploring the life of a famous historical figure or shedding light on contemporary issues, Montes-Bradley's work invites us to look deeper, question our assumptions, and connect more deeply with the world around us.

SOLEDAD Liendo is a talented film producer and culinary arts instructor passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Born in bustling Buenos Aires in 1974, she has spent most of her career teaching Culinary arts classes at The Happy Cook in charming Charlottesville. Though she started in the film industry, where she continues to thrive as the founder of Heritage Film Project, LLC, Soledad found her calling in the culinary world and has spent the last two decades fine-tuning her skills and passing them on to budding chefs. She is devoted to her craft and enjoys teaching people how to create beautiful and tasty dishes. Soledad is also a proud mother of three and is happily married to renowned filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley. Soledad inspires all who know her with her boundless energy, knowledge, and passion.

WILLIAM Montes-Liendo is a young and talented filmmaker who works closely with Eduardo at Heritage Film Project as an assistant director and second-unit cinematographer. At the early age of 18, he has already gained a wealth of experience traveling the world and filming on location in Italy, France, Japan, and throughout the United States. William's passion for Italian cars is only matched by his love for cats, which is why he's often found volunteering at local animal shelters. With a keen eye for capturing stunning visuals and a deep understanding of filmmaking, William is poised for great success in his career. 

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