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by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

Riverside Drive _ Montes-Bradley

Montes-Bradley's documentary films are grounded in rigorous research and they are supported by independent, and academic scholars, journalists, and artists. They are available on public television and in public as well as academic libraries.


Collaborative Partners and past associate producers Include UNESCO, the Library of Congress, the Holocaust Museum, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Endowment for the Humanities, PBS, University of Virginia, James Madison's Montpelier, Columbus Citizens Foundation, Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund​, The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation, Museo Nacional de Bellas Aries, Calandra Institute, Charles Burchfield Museum, Melodious Accord, Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

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Piccirilli Brothers at work carving the Barnard south statuary group.jpg

"The Piccirilli Factor" is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley that explores the legacy of the Piccirilli Marble Carving Studio in New York. Following the death of Attilio Piccirilli, the main creative force behind this family enterprise, the studio closed, leading to the loss of all business records and family archives.

With "The Piccirilli Project," Montes-Bradley reconstructs the story from its origins in Massa-Carrara to the family's role in New York during the City Beautiful Movement. The Piccirillis were essential collaborators with some of the most prominent American sculptors and were award-winning sculptors in their own right. In the process, Attilio, the major creative force behind the clan’s efforts, emerges as an omnipresent protagonist with major works of his own.


Joy Brown Bronze Sculpture

The artist is located in Connecticut and has been greatly influenced by her upbringing. Her parents and grandparents were missionaries in China and Japan, and she grew up between these two cultures. She incorporates various cultural elements into her work, which includes panels, murals, and statues made in clay and bronze. Her pieces are known for their powerful impact and are a reflection of human nature.


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