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The Piccirilli Brothers

The Italian Factor immerses its audience into the awe-inspiring world of the Piccirilli Brothers, a family of exceptional artisans who stood at the forefront of artistry and craftsmanship during their time. As celebrated sculptors, they meticulously crafted more than five hundred breathtaking monuments, many of which have left indelible marks on the panorama of American cultural heritage. These masterpieces, crafted with unparalleled precision in marble and stone, serve as testaments to their exceptional skill and pillars that have profoundly shaped and enhanced American public art and the aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes. Your generous, tax-deductible donation will play a pivotal role in supporting this significant initiative, ensuring that the magic of the Piccirilli Brothers continues to inspire and captivate. READ MORE


We are thrilled to share that a significant portion of our documentary collection is now accessible on Kanopy Streaming. This platform provides complimentary access to a vast array of films via public and academic libraries. Have a library card or show evidence of being a student or educator. Dive into celebrated works by director Eduardo Montes-Bradley, including Evita,

Rita Dove: An American Poet, Alice Parker, The Other Madisons, and many others.

Explore Kanopy and search for these titles, or look for films directed by Montes-Bradley.

Rita Dove


wood firing and bronze

"The Art of Joy Brown" illuminates the vibrant journey of a global ceramist and sculptor profoundly dedicated to the ancient craft of slow wood firing and monumental bronze work. Brought to you by Heritage Film Project and helmed by Eduardo Montes-Bradley, the documentary traces her path from Connecticut to Shanghai onto Japan's southern isles, spotlighting her trailblazing contribution to the age-old anagama Anagama. READ MORE, and consider making a tax-exempt contribution.


Eduardo Montes-Bradley is a passionate advocate for the visual arts. He is a successful, relentless researcher who throws himself into all that he does. Montes-Bradley offers his own unique style and perspective through films on sculpture and music. In films like that on Daniel Chester French, he explores the creative process and the beauty of the artwork through a focus on biography and crucial details of both style and symbolism. Montes-Bradley's films also highlight the sociological dimensions of art, examining the organization of sculptural labor, for example, in his work in progress on the Piccirilli family. He brings to light the crucial activities of key artistic players who have all too often been overlooked.   

Michele Bogart 

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