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Heritage Film Project is a documentary production company that creates films about history, art, music, and literature. We aim to capture and celebrate the artistic expressions of different cultures and times. Our films have won awards and are accessible to students and the general public through Kanopy Streaming and Alexander Street Press.





The Italian Factor documents the contributions of Italian sculptors who emigrated to the United States in the late eighteen hundreds and early twentieth century and were the leaders in creating new public art for the American urban landscape.  These artists and artisans brought talents, skills, and traditions that date to the Italian Renaissance. Their extraordinary work in New York and Washington, DC, the nation’s financial and political capital cities, set the model for their work and that of American-born sculptors. The pays particular interest to the Piccirilli brothers, led by Attilio Piccirilli, to represent the many Italian sculptors who participated in this American cultural transformation. The Italian Factor is supported by the Columbus Citizens Foundation (CCF), a non-profit organization that fosters an appreciation of Italian-American heritage and achievement.60 minutes. Read MORE

The Art of Joy Brown | In The Art of Joy Brown, Montes-Bradley follows the sculptor as she creates a monumental ceramic mural in Kent. Connecticut. In the process, the filmmaker discovers the large bronze figures that have since been installed on Broadway as part of a temporary exhibit. As the director moves forward in his exploration of Joy Brown, the film takes him to remote areas of Japan and China, where the artist was brought up and educated, just like her father and grandparents before her. The Art of Joy Brown explores the unique world of a cosmopolitan ceramicist with a profound commitment to life and all living things. 60 minutes. Read MORE

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Heritage film Project
Documentary filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley is a passionate advocate for the visual arts, and it shows in his work. He is a successful, relentless researcher who throws himself into all that he does. Montes-Bradley offers his own unique style and perspective through films on sculpture and music. In films like that on Daniel Chester French, he explores the creative process and the beauty of the art work through a focus on biography and on crucial details of both style and symbolism. Montes-Bradley's films also highlight the sociological dimensions of art, examining the organization of sculptural labor, for example, in his work in progress on the Piccirilli family. He brings to light the crucial activities of key artistic players who have all too often been overlooked. I have participated in Montes-Bradley's projects,
and it is a pleasure to work with him.

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